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A letter from Miggy to Marlow :

Dear Marlow.

I am going to write you a story about a boy that Papa and I loved very, very dearly – his name was Karl and he was your Dad.

Karl was born at about 12.30pm on 26 May 1972 at St Vincent’s Hospital, Victoria Parade, Fitzroy (the same place as you!). Papa and I were very excited to have a son – and his big sister Roxane’s first words about him were: “Look, he’s been sick!”. We chose the name Karl because I once looked after a patient who was from Latvia and had been a conductor (of music not trams!) whose name was Karl and he was such a nice man I thought if we gave our son the same name he too would grow to be a nice man – and he did. Karl’s second name was David, which is the same second name as Papa and was the name of Papa’s grandpa.

Karl was a very good little baby and did all the right things that babies do – he slept well, ate well and was a particularly agreeable little fellow and very lovely to look at. He started out with dark hair, and then went fair, then dark again. My grandma, whom we called Nan (she was my Mum’s mum) said that he was going to be a very special boy…

And he was…


Karl David Yeomans
26 May 1972 – 28 April 2006

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